Thursday, July 10, 2014

[L5R to AW] Latest Stuff

I've been running the L5R Apocalypse World conversion off and on for the last year or two, and it's gotten to a pretty good point. The basic rules are really singing. I haven't built out the really massive number of schools that there are, and I'm not as familiar with the current status of Rokugan, but I want to get the current rules out here for people to view and expand if they care to.

The newest mechanic, and the one that makes the game really sing, is the Love mechanic. All characters have a secret, forbidden love, and this causes them emotional distress. This is what goads these characters into rash action, and that's definitely where the drama is. These rules work great for a convention one-shot, but I think if you worked on a slow build for the love they would be good for a longer campaign.

You pretty much need the Apocalypse World book to run this, I don't repeat much that's already in there.

Here are the rules as they currently stand: